This week the country rose from 386 new cases per day to 433 per million inhabitants, remaining, however, still below the EU average, which dropped from 559 new cases per million inhabitants to 541.

The EU country with the highest average of new cases is now Denmark, one of the countries in the world that has detected the most cases of the new Omicron variant of the virus responsible for covid-19, which has gone from 1,130 to 1,550 new cases per day per million.

This is followed by Slovakia, which drops from 1,460 cases to 1,020, Ireland (up from 893 to 945), the Czech Republic (down from 1,250 to 919) and Belgium (down from 1,260 to 860).

Among the countries in the world with more than one million inhabitants, Denmark is repeated as the country with the highest number of cases in the last seven days, followed by the United Kingdom (1,140), Switzerland (1,050), Slovakia and Ireland.

With regard to daily deaths per million inhabitants, Portugal went from ninth to eighth EU country with fewer deaths attributed to Covid-19, with a daily average of 1.69 in the last seven days, virtually unchanged from the average of 1.7 from last week.

In this indicator, the European average is 4.51, and the worst numbers at European level are located to the east: Slovakia (17.3), Hungary (16.3), Croatia (12.7), Poland (11.4 ) and Bulgaria (11.3).

These numbers are also the highest in the world among countries with more than one million inhabitants, a list topped by Trinidad and Tobago with 17.6 daily deaths per million inhabitants.

The world average of new daily cases per million population stands at 82, while globally there were 0.9 new daily deaths per million population attributed to covid-19.