“The year 2021 was highly positive for exports of Portuguese wines, compared to the same period in 2020”, said the entity, which brings together several associations, adding that “in 2021 there was an increase of 8.11% in value in exports compared to the same period in 2020, having exceeded €925 million”.

The organisation highlighted “the growth of exports in the markets of the United States of America (+13.08%), German (+13.46%) and Brazilian (+8.65%)”, also underlining that “in the opposite direction, the Angolan and Swedish markets recorded decreases of, respectively, -7.40% and -4.06%”.

The market that bought the most from Portugal was the French, according to data from the association, representing around €116 million.

At the same time, in the European markets where ViniPortugal promotes wines, “Poland was the country that registered the highest percentage growth, increasing 19.54% in 2021 (exceeding 30.98 million euros), followed by Germany, which increased by 13.46% (exceeding 54.67 million euros) and Denmark, with an increase of 6.68% (to 22.97 million euros)”, according to the same note.

The organization also highlighted countries such as "the USA (+13.08%), Brazil (+8.65%) and Russia (+34.50%)", representing total sales of 104.32 million euros, 73.77 million euros and 10.98 million euros, respectively, and to China “14.27 million euros were exported, a growth of 9.55% compared to 2020 and a recovery, given that in 2020 this market had declined ”.

“This great growth in sales in value (of 8.11%) almost doubled the growth of 2020, with great growth in new markets, but also a great growth in exports to our traditional markets”, said Frederico Falcão, president of ViniPortugal .