According to a report by ECO, most US companies present in Portugal expect an increase in business volume and are even considering making new investments in 2022, based on the most recent Barometer from the Chamber of Commerce in Portugal – AmCham.

In a universe of around 1,000 American companies in Portuguese territory – of which they employ close to 50,000 workers –, 75% believe that their turnover will increase this year, while 25% predict that it will continue, according to the Barometer released this year.

Regarding investments, the trend is similar. A total of 78% of US companies anticipate new investments on national soil, with 19% not expecting to make any investments.

When asked about the expectation of reaching levels similar to those before the pandemic, 59% of companies reveal that they have already reached pre-Covid values, 22% expect to reach these levels in 2022, 19% only in the next year and, finally, 3 % only after 2023. However, when the question is focused on the country, the forecasts are quite different. Only 3% of American companies say that Portugal has already recovered to pre-pandemic levels, 25% expect such a recovery to be reached in 2022, 47% in 2023 and 25% after that period.

According to the American Chamber of Commerce in Portugal, the main sectors of activity of the companies that were part of the sample of this study are information technologies (19%), consulting (16%), health (16%) and construction and real estate (9%).