It is the fifth Students Prize to be held in Portugal and showcases the thirty secondary school finalists’ artworks chosen, from hundreds of entries, by an elite group of judges in the art world.

The world seen by children by Diogo Aires Silva Moreira

The students’ art has been shown in Porto, Lisbon and Estremoz where they were displayed alongside SAF’s 1st Portugal Prize for professional artists. Via a ‘silent auction’ some of the artwork from the professional and student Prizes can be purchased, on and funds raised from the sale will be split evenly with the artists themselves and Associação SAF, the Portuguese arm of the Sovereign Art Foundation whose aim is to bring therapeutic benefits of art to disadvantaged children in Portugal.

SAF was established in 2003 and runs professional and student prizes in Asia, Africa and Europe and would like to thank all sponsors of their prizes for their support in particular Jeweler Maria João Bahia, Howard’s Folly, Sociedade Nacional de Belas Artes, Fundação da Juventude and Lady in Red - Galeria de Arte.