According to provisional data, sent to Lusa on 9 September, about 1,572 hectares of forest burnt (mainly maritime pine), with an estimated damage of 202 thousand euros.

As for the agricultural area, preliminary data points to a burnt area around 147 hectares, with estimated damages of almost 754 thousand euros. Highlight, in this case, for areas of olive groves (103 hectares). This provisional accounting does not include damage to homes.

The Municipal Civil Protection of Ansião said that damage has been registered in a first home and in nine second homes.

According to the same document, 46 annexes and storage rooms were affected by the fires.

Ansião, Alvaiázere, Leiria and Pombal were the municipalities in the Leiria district most affected by fires this year.

On Thursday, the government said that support measures for the damage caused by the fires in the Serra da Estrela mountain range and in the municipalities where more than 4,500 hectares or 10% of their area have burnt this year, will be presented on the 15th of this month.

"At the Council of Ministers the damage reports were presented and discussion began on a set of measures, on which the government will continue to work until the next Council of Ministers, which will assess and decide on the measures to be implemented," the Ministry of Territorial Cohesion revealed, in response to Lusa news agency.

According to the Ministry for Territorial Cohesion, the Commissions for Coordination and Regional Development have already compiled the survey carried out by various entities of the decentralised central administration "of the damage caused by the fires that occurred up to the 31 August, which will be communicated to local councillors very soon.

"Only later will these reports be made public," the ministry said.

On Tuesday, the Minister for Territorial Cohesion said the amount of damage from the fires that destroyed around 25 per cent of the area of the Serra da Estrela Natural Park would be disclosed at the end of Thursday's Council of Ministers, which ended up not happening because there was no public communication on the subject.

Abrunhosa's statements came on the sidelines of a visit to a company in Penela, in Coimbra district, where she revealed to journalists that the government already has in its possession a survey of the losses and is already studying support measures.

"We already have the surveys and, understanding the values in question, we will design measure by measure and that is what we are doing until the day of the Council of Ministers," she said on Tuesday, stressing that the presentation was scheduled to take place on 9 September: "The overall figures of the damages will be disclosed, as well as the package of measures, although some emergency measures are already on the ground.”

In the case of the Serra da Estrela Natural Park, "the idea is, similar to what was done for the Pinhal Interior, to draw up a revitalisation plan under the leadership of the Centre Region Coordination and Development Commission," explained the Minister for Territorial Cohesion.