The president of the Marathon Club of Portugal, Carlos Móia, explained the symbolism of the five-kilometre race, which will feature the participation of Olympic athletes Sara Moreira, Dulce Félix, Doroteia Peixoto, Carla Salomé Rocha and Salomé Afonso, in addition to the 'godmother' of athletics Rosa Mota.

“It's an attempt to show people that we are alive and that we have to get back to normal, carefully. We will try to show how a well-done event is done, with the appropriate recommendations presented to the DGS [General Directorate of Health]. I don't know if we are the first or not, but with thousands of people we should be the first”, he said.

The 15th edition of the race, which is exclusively for women, aims to raise funds for the purchase of breast cancer screening devices in partnership with the Portuguese League against Cancer.

Registration for the race, scheduled for 12 September, at 10:30am, starting in Santos and finishing at the Torre de Belém, is available on the official website and is free for women who have or have already have had cancer.