In the annual report on the record market for 2021, Audiogest highlights that “physical sales grew by 29.4% compared to 2020 and reached levels higher than sales in 2019 (prior to the Covid-19 pandemic), in the order of 3.8%”, and “the vector for this recovery is concentrated in vinyl sales”.

According to the document, sent to the Lusa agency, in 2021 the digital market continued to have a large majority of relevance in national revenues, 71.6% of the global one, which corresponds to about 18.9 million euros.

Physical sales correspond to 27.2% of revenues (approximately seven million euros) and synchronizations to 1.2% (approximately 313 thousand euros).

As far as the digital market is concerned, the vast majority of revenues (97.3%, which corresponds to around 17.9 million euros) come from streaming.

Streaming in 2020 had revenues of 15.4 million euros, which represents an increase of 16.1%.

The remaining 3% of digital market revenues (corresponding to around 505 thousand euros) refer to 'downloads' and other digital ones, such as the 'mobile' segment.

Physical sales

Physical sales recorded an increase of 29.4%, compared to 2020. In 2020, physical sales revenues had been 5.4 million euros and in 2021 they were seven million.

Albums, as opposed to singles and DVDs, represent the largest share of sales in the physical market (98.2%, which corresponds to around 6.8 million euros).

In this field, vinyl stands out, representing 58.5% of album sales in 2021, against 41.3% of CDs, “something that happens for the first time in decades”, highlights Audiogest.

Revenues relating to Private Copying increased by 35% compared to 2020, when five million euros of revenue were recorded, “also as an indirect result of the pandemic situation, with the purchase of more equipment by consumers”.

With regard to the rights of producers and artists, “despite the adversities associated with the pandemic period and the sharp drop in licensing of public spaces and events”, revenues in 2021 dropped slightly, from the 15.6 million registered in 2020 to the 15 .4 million in 2021.