Benfica will pay €7,650 for the "throwing of objects with a reflection on the game" during the 25th round of the I Liga, which had to be interrupted in the 31st minute, when "flares and fireworks” were thrown onto the pitch in Portimão.

The match was “temporarily suspended” for 10 minutes, according to the referee’s report, and in this regard, Benfica argued that it had been “interrupted (only) for 08 minutes and 24 seconds”.

Also according to the report of the referee and the League delegate, “nine flares were set off (…)” from a place “exclusively reserved and occupied” by Benfica fans.

Benfica was also sanctioned with €3,190, for “incorrect behaviour by the public”, in this case at the beginning of the second half, when “two pots of smoke, a flash light, two firecrackers...” exploded on the reserve bench, although these acts “did not interfere with the normal course of the game”.

Benfica won 2-1 during the visit to Portimonense, on Saturday, with goals from Grimaldo and Gonçalo Ramos, after Welinton Júnior had initially put the Algarve team into the lead.

Photo supplied by Brian Cooper