André Pinto, told us that, when he was a child, he saw this “orange monster” arrive at the Fundão Railway Station and that he was amazed at its size and shape. This image, accompanied by the sound of his whistle entering the Station, was forever engraved in his imagination.

Years later, André decided to combine his passion for Lego with his taste for this locomotive and thus this small but extraordinary piece was born.

Lego and the real locomotive

One day, this 42-year-old architect contacted the National Railway Museum saying he had a locomotive made with Lego pieces and that he would like to see it in the Museum. And so the small (big) wonder arrived, now part of the Museum's permanent exhibition, in the area dedicated to Diesel traction locomotives.

It is a piece built with 14 thousand Lego pieces, at 1/15 scale. André says that it was a great challenge to build this locomotive. One of the ideas was to make the wheels, only with lego parts, without resorting to 3D printing or other resources. The result is extraordinary, a wheel made with 19 pieces.
Now you can enjoy this surprising piece at the National Railway Museum, from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10 am to 6 pm.
The photograph of the Diesel Locomotive CP 1427 was kindly provided by CP-Comboios de Portugal.