The exhibition aims to show the testimonies of women that suffered from any kind of violence during the celebration of International Women’s Day. In a press release by the Regional Directorate of Centre Culture, the exhibition “pretends to stimulate the public’s sensibility for one of the most complex topics of our society.”

In the exhibition room, there are some pairs of red shoes. The red shoes have been used as a symbol to talk about violence towards women, being used in demonstrations or even exhibitions across the world.

Besides the red shoes, there are on the walls real testimonies of women that suffered from the most diverse types of violence. There are quotes from women who suffered from psychological violence, bullying, genital mutilation, persecution, obstetric, sexual, sexual arrestment, human trafficking for sexual non-consent work and the testimonies of women who were not allowed to use their money the way they want, facing violent consequences in case they were not spending the money the way they were told by the husband. The type of violence with most testimonies is obstetric violence.

While reading the testimonies, the visitors will hear the voices of some women who showed their faces, or not, and told in front of a camera what they experienced as victims of domestic violence.

The atmosphere is quiet as every visitor may feel overwhelmed while reading and listening to the testimonies of these 28 women who told their stories and allowed them to be read and seen by the general public.

The exhibition ends on 8 May and on 25 November it can be seen in Museu José Malhoa in Caldas da Rainha.