According to the National Medicines Authority (Infarmed): “Given the total number of vaccines administered, it appears that adverse reactions to vaccines against Covid-19 are infrequent, with about one case in a thousand inoculations, a stable value over time”.

According to the document, until May 31, about 24.1 million vaccines against the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus were administered and 24,624 cases of adverse reaction (ADR) were registered, among which 7,956 were considered serious.

“Of the cases of ADR classified as severe, about 83% relate to situations of temporary incapacity (including absenteeism from work) and others considered clinically significant by the notifier, whether he is a health professional or user”, indicated Infarmed.

With regard to the total number of serious cases, 131 (0.5%) were deaths, which “occurred in a group of individuals with a median age of 77 years”, the report also emphasizes that these "events cannot be considered related to a vaccine against Covid-19 just because they were spontaneously reported to the National Pharmacovigilance System".

“In the vast majority of reported cases in which there is information on clinical history and concomitant medication, a fatal adverse outcome can be explained by the patient's medical history and/or other treatments, the causes of death being diverse and without a homogeneous pattern”, the report refers.