In a written response to Lusa, the president of CTP, Francisco Calheiros, said that the entity welcomes “the measure announced by the Government to create a visa for foreigners looking for work, which allows foreigners to enter and stay in our country for six months, and the elimination of the quota system for immigration”.

However, he warned, “for this measure to be effective, it is necessary that the structures of the public administration that will have responsibilities in this matter are properly de-bureaucratised and that they are quick in decision-making, in order to avoid the problems”.

“The measure will be worthless if the state machine does not respond accordingly and in time”, he stressed. Francisco Calheiros also said that “although it is not a structural measure, as it is limited to six months, this was a measure that CTP had been asking for, for a long time, as it is one of the immediate solutions to facilitate tourism companies in hiring foreign professionals at a time when we are witnessing a serious problem of shortage of manpower in the tourist sector".