In recent weeks, Democratic rivals have expressed fears that the President-in-Office could declare victory in face of the first announced results, before a final vote count. However, Trump stated in today’s interview with Fox News "only when there is victory," as he referred to the time when he may declare himself mandated for a second term.

However, Trump said he is sure he has "a very solid chance of winning" in the presidential election that is currently running. The president-in-office - who polls put him behind his Democratic rival, Joe Biden - believes that the "incredible crowds" that followed him at his election rallies will translate into votes in his favor. "We're going to win with a big lead in Texas, Florida, Arizona. I think we're going to have very good results in North Carolina," Trump said, referring to some of the states considered most relevant in the final outcome of the election. Trump also said he expects "good results in Pennsylvania," many analysts say securing this state is crucial for the Republican nominee.

The President also said that he understands that some shops are putting barricades in front of their storefronts, afraid of possible scenes of violence in the streets during election night, but he thinks it is sad that they feel the need to do so. Trump predicts that if there is violence and riots, it will be in Democratic-run cities such as Chicago, New York, Portland, Oakland and Baltimore, blaming these mayors for "weak leadership."