By offering both Portuguese and English studies, having students from different nationalities and promoting a sense of global citizenship, multiculturalism and plurilingualism are a blast at our school!

English is the main language of teaching in the English Studies section at Colégio Bernardette Romeira. For students who don’t have English as their first language, support is given through the ESL Cambridge Programme, with vocabulary and structure being taught to provide the language skills needed to accompany the lessons.

CBR students, who are not Portuguese but intend to follow the Portuguese curriculum, will attend Portuguese as a Foreign Language support classes. Students who follow English studies will attend Portuguese as Second Language classes. At the beginning of the school year, students are positioned at the corresponding language proficiency level and then follow a pedagogical monitoring plan, aimed at the development of knowledge and skills within the language.

Portuguese Curriculum students start learning English during their first years. For the teaching of English as a Second Language, we chose the Cambridge English Teaching Framework to develop linguist skills: listening, reading, writing and speaking. As a Cambridge exam preparation centre, we use the official Cambridge textbooks and methodology in class throughout each school year to prepare students to take Cambridge exams at the end of each teaching cycle.

English as a Second Language starts at the age of three. The first experience with English takes place in a playful and vibrant environment where children are encouraged to sing along and play fun games. Students explore beautiful and colourful stories with rich and natural vocabulary, values, and emotional competencies. All topics end with a classroom project in which all children participate and demonstrate to the school community what they have learned
In the 1st cycle (6 to 9/10 years old) we promote the communicative approach. Students use their foreign language in a diversified, dynamic and interactive way. Children practise the English language through a wide variety of fun activities, such as games, songs, art and crafts, stories, worksheets and projects. Through collaborative activities, students reach their full potential and at the same time explore social values, develop students’ thinking and their creativity skills.

English classes in the 2nd and 3rd cycles (10 to 14 years old) are divided into two groups after a proficiency test has been carried out. We carry out playful activities to develop motivation for the English language and deepen knowledge related to vocabulary, grammar and culture. Having communication as the main focus, we promote age-appropriate topics to encourage student engagement and discussion; cross-curricular topics to stimulate interest in global issues and build vocabulary range; develop critical thinking skills and self-esteem to build stronger language skills.

Colégio Bernardette Romeira is firmly committed to the teaching of languages throughout the 3rd cycle. Apart from English, students also learn a language of their choice: German, French or Spanish.

CBR stands out for being the only school in the Algarve offering its students German Foreign Language classes with a native teacher and working with textbooks from German publishers. Classes are dynamic and motivating thanks to the use of new technologies, music and videos. In addition to the academic curriculum, students are encouraged to participate in several social projects and workshops by the German Institute of Lisbon. Participation in such projects motivates students to work and experience the language.

The teaching of French is intended to be innovative, motivating and inclusive. Students are encouraged to use apps to stimulate language learning either individually or in pairs. The native teacher helps students discover the richness of the language and the French culture by watching films or short French-speaking videos and listening to original French songs. Students are also encouraged to participate in French socio-cultural events, such as the French Cinema Festival.

The teaching of Spanish is conceived from an intercultural, dynamic and hands-on perspective. The native teacher uses several methodological tools that encourage learning Spanish in a rigorous, fun and inclusive way, highlighting the socio-cultural and linguistic aspects of Spain and the different countries of Latin America and Equatorial Guinea.

Portuguese in Portuguese studies is taught engagingly, following the Ministry of Education Programme and preparing students for national exams. During classes, students are encouraged to develop critical thinking, interpretation and deduction. Students participate in reading challenges and book presentations during classes, which aim to strengthen their relationship with books.

Since 2019-2020, Creative Writing classes have been part of the CBR Portuguese curriculum plan, in the second and third cycles and, occasionally, in the first cycle, through workshops. The classes foster the taste for written expression in its different forms, developing not only linguistic skills but also introspection and interpretation, observation and creativity, the plasticity of thought and reasoning. This subject contributes to the overall teaching of students, as the interpretation of statements and writing in an appropriate way is of extreme importance, not only in academic life - present and future, but also in personal life and, later on, in professional life.

So, if you value language learning, CBR is the right school for your child!

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