What happens to a consumer when they fall into this trap? You are tied to a service or product that you did not order and does not serve you because you couldn’t close the door! How can we avoid this practice which is largely unfair, less transparent, and especially targeted at more vulnerable consumers?

“Information is the key” - claims the Director General of DECO, Ana Tapadinhas. “Since the 90’s, DECO has received complaints from consumers about these unfair commercial practices. Today we are seeing sales figures for essential public service contracts, such as energy and telecommunications, made at the citizen’s door. It is time to fight this scourge”.

In the scope of the World Consumer Rights Day, celebrated on 15 March, DECO intends to inform all consumers of what they should demand from the sellers, forcing them to provide clarifications they understand or simply to leave their doorstep.

Unwanted contracts for the consumer must end. Household budgets have been negatively impacted. DECO is particularly concerned with consumers who are not even able to complain and ask for support. “We now demand greater control over those sales associated with unfair practices” - says Ana Tapadinhas.

There are many situations that can lead to problems but for example, if you receive a product at your home that you have not ordered or requested in any way, you are not obliged to pay for it. The law says that anyone who receives goods or services without them having been ordered or requested, is not obliged to return, or pay for them, and may retain them free of charge. The waiver of the recipient’s reply is not valid as consent.

To find out more about your rights as a consumer, you can contact DECO Algarve through the email deco.algarve@deco.pt.

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