I personally have had a number of packages delayed, some apparently so the new IVA rules could be applied.

I. E. Package arrived from UK into Lisbon customs clearance on 23rd of June, before the end of the moratorium, however was not processed until after 1 July.

Unable to pay the duty as the CTT website does not allow payment, eventually had to pay the postman when he delivered on 27th July, over a month later.

I received 1 letter from CTT after 2nd July advising i had to pay duties but nothing more and several calls resulted in nothing.

Currently I have another package which has been in customs clearance for 2 weeks from Ukraine.

In comparison I had a package shipped by DHL from Turkey, took 1 day to clear customs and the import tax was minimal.

So why does CTT take a month? I am not the only one with this problem and I think CTT owners should face the music and do something to fix a broken system, this is ridiculous!

Matthew Dorman,
By email