“This year, the airline will increase its pre-Covid capacity to 115% and is prioritising the early restoration of the remuneration of its staff through these renegotiated agreements, in order to maintain jobs and ensure a base for its growth”, indicates the airline, in a press release.

The new agreements, which have already been accepted by SEPLA, the union that represents Ryanair pilots in Spain, and by the SNPL, which represents the company’s pilots in France, also provide for “salary increases and other benefits in addition to the full restoration of remuneration. of Ryanair pilots based in Spain and France”, for a period of five years.

“We welcome these long-term agreements that run until 2027 and that will provide numerous improvements to our pilots based in Spain and France. While recovery from the impact of the pandemic is still ongoing, and our industry faces significant challenges, this long-term agreement provides stability, accelerated salary restoration, future salary increases and other benefit improvements for pilots,” Said Ryanair's Human Resources Director.

The official also reveals that, despite the pilots being covered by the 2020 Emergency Agreements, Ryanair will continue to work with pilots and unions to establish “new agreements similar to those concluded with SEPLA and SNPL”, not least because, recently, the company airline renegotiated the accelerated restoration of salaries and the improvement of long-term agreements with more than 85% of pilots.